Time to ACHIEVE your suitable career transformation.
Into the role you see for yourSELF. Where YOU can make your unique impact.

The Authentic Women's Leadership Program - Level 2
available exclusively to Authentic Women's Leadership Program alumni
  • You've successfully completed Authentic Women's Leadership Program,
  • You have discovered your Authentic Self drivers, You created your Manifesto,
  • You activated your job search & networking
or already got that offer for your new role & now looking to establish yourself as an impactful leader.

All to find that role where you will make the most impact with your unique strengths, expertise and YOU at the center of your career.

Seeing the transformation your are going though I want to provide the space for your sustainable growth in a community of amazing like-minded women to ACHIEVE your career goals by

- Staying true to your SELF.
- Driving your unique business Impact.
- Overcoming challenges & celebrating Success

ACHIEVE is created to enable YOU to progress sustainably to your next career goal, be that
1. Finding & getting that ideal role for you
2. Establishing your authority as a powerful business leader in your new role in the business.
Module 1. Together
Focusing Session - guided re-alignment session to review, re-purpose & realign your career goals with insights from Authentic Women's Leadership Program and your current career goals.

Module 2. Chose a track most relevant to you based on your career priorities
Find! - a practical track on exploring & finding & nailing your next ideal role
  • Monthly group coaching with like-minded women in career exploration/search phase
  • Practical career exploration/job search & recruitment process Q&A from Lidia
  • Spotlight coaching - get coached on the most relevant topics for career search by Lidia

Establish - a practical track on growing your business impact & influence in your current role.
  • Monthly group coaching with like-minded women in authority & gravitas establishing stage
  • Practical business leadership & strategy & influencing Q&A by Lidia
  • Spotlight coaching - get coached on the most relevant strategy and leadership topics by Lidia

Module 3. Together
Business Leadership Training - get deep insights & frameworks on the tools you need drive your strategic business impact:
  • Building your authority as a women leader - how to create an impactful personal brand and start influencing your key stakeholders
  • Strategizing your impact - how to create a winning strategy for your role in the business & get the impact you want

What you will get from 'ACHIEVE'
a support & growth space to activate & achieve significant progress in your career goals in the next 2 months
  • Focus
    A guided focused space for your career progression for you to be clear on your goal, keep track of it and achieve it in the next 2 months
  • Your HOW-TO space
    Your career search and career growth related questions answered by Lidia
  • Support & Celebrate
    A peer group of like-minded impact-oriented women to share & celebrate your achievements together
in a nutshell
  • 900 Euro - in full

    500 Euro - monthly

    Course fee
  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions
    1 Focus Session
    2 Monthly Sessions for each track
    Find! - finding & nailing your next role
    Establish. - increasing your authority in your current organization
  • 2 In-Depth Business Trainings
    "Building your Authority" "Strategizing your impact"
  • 1 Space
    To grow, share, support & celebrate together!
photo credit - Floriane Vita
Join 'ACHIEVE' to
ACHIEVE Your career goals Together.
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