12 weeks Transformation
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Align who you truly are and the leadership career you are building in a deep-support community space while guided and personally supported on your way towards yourself

See your career trajectory transform from a place of deeper confidence, authenticity and the impact you will step up to realize within your next leadership role

A 12-weeks Executive Career Transformation & Business Leadership Program for women ready to transform their careers into a powerful alignment between who they are and the impact they are able & willing to make for a mission they are passionate about
by stepping into their authentic identity


As McKinsey puts it in their latest Women in the Workplace Report, women in the corporate world are:

  • Overworked: they are delivering & performing, but struggle to establish themselves as impactful influential leaders,
  • Under-recognized: they struggle to take a strategic perspective on the results they have brought to the business, and get overlooked for strategic roles in job search and promotion,
  • Trying to fit into the still male-dominated corporate leadership style vs defining, owning and bringing their own authentic leadership style to their work, which leads to exhaustion & disappointment,
  • and leaving the companies at the highest rate in 10 years due to unmet needs to fulfill their potential, create a legacy for the business they care for and drive the impact they are capable of and will to make at work.

Instead, they want to gain


between their authentic identity and their leadership capabilities at work, serving as a driving force for their career and the legacy they will create as business leaders.

If as a woman you are experiencing any of the above, this program was created for YOU.

Make a step-change in your career towards
Align your deeply-rooted power to how you manifest yourself
Through the ALIGNED Framework, you will:
  • 1
    Establish & develop a solid state of SELF-Confidence and alignment grounded in your authentic leadership style;
  • 2
    Define, Own & Strategize your results & achievements to serve as a Growth Platform for your next role, be that an internal promotion or growth in a new organization;
  • 3
    Create a strong & compelling Vision for the Impact you want to drive as a business leader to elevate your gravitas for key business stakeholders;
  • 4
    Define and explore your authentic career transition to the role that best suits YOU;
  • 5
    Equip yourself with all the materials you need for career progress: from a CV you will be proud of to your strategic business vision;
  • 6
    Build and activate a Power Network of supporters who will elevate you towards your next career move;
  • 7
    Activate your Career Growth & Business Impact in a group of like-minded women executives;
  • 8
    Reduce work-related stress of trying to fit in and step into your alignment zone for a better work-life balance;
  • 9
    Finally Align who you are as a personality to the bold, confident impactful business leader within you!
This transformational program is for you if EITHER of these applies:
  • You want to explore and define what's next for YOU being at the center of your career
  • You are stepping into a job search to find a role and organization where you will be able to be the full YOU and make the most impact
  • You are looking to get your next promotion into an executive role with your current organization
  • You want to grow in your current organization by stepping into your power & business impact zone
  • You want to become a more aligned, confident, bold and authentic leader no matter what the career setting is
  • You want to improve your work-life balance and step out of the corporate race by stepping into your authentic leadership
  • You want to align your identity with the way you present yourself in the business every single day to any stakeholder, because you are being the Proud YOU
Clarity & Energy YOU need to grow YOUR Aligned Career
Lidia Timkovskaya is a women's leadership & career empowerment executive coach, and the founder of WOW Humans - coaching, training & consulting bureau working with Fortune 500 companies as well as women individually to boost their self-confidence, grow women's careers and enable women-driven strategic business impact by bringing out their bold authentic selves.

Lidia has built her own international career up to global roles in leading European companies, moved countries & cultures, and successfully navigated multiple-time career change to best reflect her identity and stay true to her SELF.

Now, having empowered 200+ women leaders to grow their careers to executives' roles at UN, Danone, P&G, SAP,, Tata Steel, Amazon, PepsiCo, EY and Google, as well as working alongside CEOs & leaders of top European Consumer Goods, Tech and Retail companies on women's leadership and workplace inclusion programs, Lidia is on a mission to empower women to step into their leadership & impact-making.

Because the World & the business need more women at the top.

How does this transformation
work in practice?

A 12-weeks transformative Acceleration program to put your Authentic SELF
at the Center of YOUR career & Business Impact
  • Module I The Self
    Discover & realign your identity to know exactly who you are as a leader: understanding your leadership identity & how you can apply it in the business setting. You will explore for yourself & master powerful leadership identity activation tools:

    • "Defining YOU" Identity Blueprint - a powerful tool to identify and tap into your authentic identity definition, the one you will truly own;
    • "Authentic Power Platforms" Deep dive: a transformative approach to tapping into your authentic power-moments to define, hold on to and propel you career towards YOU;
    • "Aligning YOU" - a Personal/Business Leadership Alignment Model - a unique method to finally connect who you are as a personality, a leader and your career growth. Proven to empower 500+ women leaders to align their career growth to who they are.
  • Module II The Impact
    Develop a strong sense of career alignment at work by starting to deeply own your previous and future results with a strategic impact lens. This will also set a compelling direction for all business stakeholders and career allies you will address in your career transformation - from senior business leaders to executive recruiters:

    • "Your Impact Storyline" - a YOU-based approach to building a compelling story out of all you have achieved by now to drive you and embark your career allies to support and promote you;
    • "My Impact Quantifier" - a proven method to putting the numbers to work in the right direction for your career;
    • Me-based Strategic Vision - your personal career vision for the impact you will be inspired to drive.
  • Module III The Authentic Career Transformation
    –źctivate your authentic transformation to get the role where you will thrive and make the most impact by being YOU in the business lucky to have you

    • Aligned & Balanced YOU method - a women leader's specific tool to improving your work-life balance and reducing the stress behind a leadership role;
    • My Career Compass - the set-it-right-from-the-start tool to find and get the role just right for you;
    • Activating your Authentic Power Network - a step-by-step guideline on generating and onboarding the true allies to support your career transformation.
  • Module IV Integration Celebrating YOU!
    Capture, own and celebrate the transformation you went through in the supportive like-minded community space.
  • These 4 modules will come to you in

    • Live Workshops
    • Themed Workbooks & Activation Exercises
    • Integration Q&A Sessions
    • Ongoing Group support during these 12 weeks
    In the safe, supportive & nurturing community WhatsApp space you will be able to share, get support, ask questions, get celebrated in the ups and held in the downs.

    This program is made to fully support you in the transformation into the leader you are within.

Prepare to x 10 your leadership alignment & career progress

"This program is a unique investment in myself and my career. After completing the program, I not only got the promotion for the role I wanted and a significant salary increase, but most importantly, I gained a sense of deep self-confidence which I never had despite all the accolades and diplomas. Lidia is a unique coach, guide, and supporter who truly believes in the women she works with. Don't miss this rare opportunity!"

Daria P., Global Head of Talent

Submit your application to join a handful of women for this transformation

1. Apply & align program fit during an intake/alignment call with Lidia
Once you fill in your program application we will schedule an intake call to discuss if the program is the right fit in your case.
2. Program starts
We will kick off the transformation with Live workshops, Q&A Sessions, Activation Exersices & more!
3. Your Career Transformation starts
This program is about YOU and about empowering you for the change you want to see in your career. Expect it to be very much hands-on with a lot of support, empowerment & motivation.
The Authentic Women's Leadership Program is priceless career advice, a confidence boost, fun, and a step into the world where women already have equal opportunity.
I was taught to talk about my achievements and received feedback from management about my professional growth.
I much enjoyed working with Lidia and found this experience inspiring & rewarding! The program helped me better understand myself, what I want, and how to get it.
Natalia L.

"I was lucky to get into the first open Authentic Women's Leadership Program. The program was a real discovery for me: from understanding what makes me me, to learning how to tell my unique story and build my career and career growth based on who I am.
Based on the program, I have formed my own plan for visibility and growth, and got promoted to a leadership role! I highly recommend this program to all women who are in need of self-confidence and/or career advancement and would like to learn more about women's leadership.
I want to thank Lidia for the assignments, deeply stimulating questions, and inspiring atmosphere of the program."
Natalie L., PhD
Before I started working with Lidia and her amazing Authentic Women's Business Leadership program, I was feeling uncertain about my future career path. I had a basic idea of what I liked to do and what I was best at, but I didn't know how to turn it into a meaningful career. I was also struggling with an undervaluation that prevented me from believing I could have a career in a strategic business position.

Working in the program with Lidia was a revelation for me. This was due to the fact that I get the best learning experience in personal sessions, and in the program I learned how to benefit in a group as well. I am impressed by Lidia's way of creating a safe space in which there is room for weaknesses, insecurities and fears, but most importantly, there is room for strength, support and quality growth.

The results of our work together have been truly transformative. I now have a much better understanding of myself and what I want to achieve in my career. I have a new sense of self-confidence and know that I have the skills and abilities to manage crisis situations and make strategic decisions. On an external level, I have a clear idea of my career desirable track, which has helped me to focus my efforts and make progress towards my goals.

I would highly recommend working with Lidia and the Authentic Women's Business Leadership program to anyone who is looking to gain clarity on their personal strengths, values, and career path. Lidia's passion for women's leadership and her ability to help individuals access their inner confidence and expertise are truly magical. If you are looking for a program that will help you make fundamental changes in your life and career, this is the one.
Kate Smet

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