Empowering Millennials
and their Corporate Leaders
to co-create collaborative organizational cultures and achieve great results together
You of course know that
  • Millenials will soon be 50% of global workforce
  • 55% of them are NOT engaged at work, 16% are actively disengaged
  • 43% of Millennials plan to quit their corporate job within next 2 years

and yet they are purpose-driven, creative and passionate about a meaningful work.
Any company's best competitive advantage is in it's people and their passion and creativity.
And Millennials and their successors Gen Z's are becoming a crucial assest to empower.

  • Do you have challenge attracting, retaining and advancing Millennials?
  • Are your seniors and managers experiencing trouble connecting and empowering young talents
  • Are you willing to empower your young talents more

Millennials Empowerment Expert
Creating a new approach to Millennials workforce
My name is Lidia and I am a professional Millennial.

  • I bridge corporate and millenials' needs.
  • I connect different generations in the workplace
  • I am on a mission to help Millennials and their leaders create a thriving environment for young talent.

#8 years in the world of largest FMCGs
#Held local, regional and global roles
#High Potential
#Youth Leader
#AIESEC Alumni
My Background
Let's have a (fairtrade) coffee
and talk about empowering Millennials
+31 611 91 25 19
Photo courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg and Peter McConnochie / flickr.com
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